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Homes for Britain

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‘Homes for Britain’ is a national campaign bringing the Housing Crisis to the attention of politicians, asking them: “Can you end the housing crisis within a generation?”

For too long, Housing has been, and still is, low down on voters’ election priorities, because it’s been seen as a personal not a political issue. That’s what we need to change this coming General Election (2015).

…. And we’ll do it by speaking with one voice, demanding one thing.

….That politicians commit to ending the housing crisis within a generation.

The Problem

For decades Britain has failed to build enough new homes and as a nation, we are currently only building half the number we need every year.

This means:

  • Many of us can’t start a family because we can’t afford to move.
  • Many adults still live with parents in overcrowded homes.
  • Many of us struggle to afford to keep a roof over our heads, or become homeless.
  • The housing crisis is affecting people fromall walks of life and all parts of the country.

The Solution

The time has come to end the housing crisis.

For the sake of the next generation we must act now.

The General Election 2015 offers that opportunity to show politicians that the public want to see more homes built and actions taken until everyone has a decent affordable home.

Our work starts with a simple action. A clear message from us all, as voters, that enough is enough. 

All political parties must commit to end the housing crisis within a generation.

Have you taken action to support our campaign?

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Icon Twitter sml Action 1: Take action and contact your local MP and parliamentary candidates

Icon Twitter sml Action 2: Sign up to support the campaign as an individual or  support the campaign as an organisation

Icon Twitter sml Action 3: Use the power of social media to raise our voices as one:

Icon Twitter sml @HomesforBritain

Icon Twitter sml 

Icon online form sml Website


Real Stories

Homes for Britain aims to show the true impact of the country’s shortage of homes on real people. If you have a story to tell, how Housing has improved your life or can improve the lives of many more, let us know by emailing:

Icon Email sml

Icon online form sml Follow our News on how Ocean is building new Homes for Britain.

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