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Providing Value for Money

Sliders VFM 1.1mOcean is committed to providing Value for Money for you, our tenants.

From the rent that you pay us we aim to supply you with the best possible services and to spend your money wisely.

The Government also expects us to provide Value for Money and require all housing associations to follow a Value for Money Standard that has been produced by the Government’s regulator of housing associations, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). Ocean and all other housing associations are required to produce an annual report. Continue reading

#ProudTenant – Roy rises to the challenge

Roy CollisonWhen one of our Tenant Panel members, Roy Collison, heard about #HousingDay #ProudTenant, he jotted us an email telling us of his most recent #proudtenant moment.

We’ve published his story below because we felt it just goes to show how the Tenant Involvement team have empowered him to take control and resolve a situation that was affecting his community – rather than walking away and letting someone else deal with it. (Warning – don’t read this if you are eating your lunch!)

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Afternoon Tea Celebration!

Residents, staff and dignitories enjoyed a cuppa and a pasty around the new communal picnic tables and benches at Hawkins Road, Newquay, last week.

Treasure Chest hawkins rd 1 sml

Ocean with the help of Hawkins Road’s residents hosted an event to celebrate the installation of the new furniture in their communal area outside the block on Thursday 5th November. A number of residents and their children turned out to thank Ocean for the new improvements to their living area which is part of an ongoing programme of planned improvements to the block.

hawkins rd 2 residents cropped sml

The residents here are so pleased with our new benches and picnic tables and we are so grateful to Ocean for providing them. We will really enjoy using them”, beamed Nancy Moody.

It’s been a lovely afternoon with the local residents and we have enjoyed using the new outdoor furniture whilst drinking tea and eating pasties together”, concluded David.

Treasure Chest

The residents in the block of flats owe these new welcome additions to Ocean’s ‘Treasure Chest’ fund.

Ocean’s tenants can apply for funds through our Treasure Chest Scheme to help them host community events, street parties and various projects within their neighbourhood. Hawkins Road’s new furniture is a great example of how Ocean’s Treasure Chest is used by our residents to unite them with others in their community”, added David Renwick, Ocean’s Group Chief Executive

We hope the residents of Hawkins Road will enjoy many more such events, bringing together the community.

Why #HousingDay matters


Adrian Capon

With a week to go, the creator of #HousingDay Adrian Capon gives 11 reasons why we need it now more than ever:


#HousingDay is a national 24-hour social media event to celebrate the positive impact of social housing on thousands of tenants and those working in UK housing.

In 2014, it produced thousands of tweets and participants, while reaching millions of people. This year’s event is on 18 November.

1. Like never before housing is a political hot potato

Without a strategic vision for housing across all tenures, we will not solve the housing crisis. A new government ambition to support people into homeownership is welcome. But what about those for whom ownership will only ever be a pipe dream? #HousingDay provides a voice to all.

2. Where will the poor live?

This question keeps appearing in my Twitter feed and, as far as I know, there is no definitive answer. Unless this is satisfied, we should not give up on trying to solve the housing crisis. We need to listen to the needs of under-represented groups – those marginalised for no fault of their own. On #HousingDay we can at least try to do this.

3. Negative media coverage about social housing

There’s been so much negative TV and media coverage about social housing. It’s just not fair to tarnish people with the reputation of being scroungers who don’t look after their homes or respect their neighbourhood. #HousingDay provides some positivity to counter this balance.

4. Raising the profile – nobody knows what we do

Last year’s #HousingDayresearch carried out with Ipsos Mori painted a picture of a British public favourable towards social housing. By five to one they agreed rather that social housing plays an important role in tackling poverty but many remain oblivious to the types of people who live in our homes. Housing organisations’ wider work in local communities is critically important. This year, as part of the National Housing Federation’s Community Impact Week, we can showcase the valuable work we do in all parts of the country and reach out to a wider audience.

housing day chat banner

housing day chat banner

5. Finding stories

Like last year, we’re finding stories which can help celebrate, educate and remind the wider public why social housing really does matter. And in some small way chip away at what social housing is all about and tackle perceptions.

6. Putting tenants at the heart of #HousingDay

This year’s focus on #proudtenant is about residents sharing experiences of how their lives have been positively impacted upon. Tenants who have tirelessly volunteered to be more involved in services have already made a positive and potentially life-changing impact to thousands of people.                             

7. Tenants are people

We should not forget our tenants are people and #HousingDay is about making sure their voices can be heard. Tenants have talents that can be harnessed to help improve services and enhance the lives of other people. We need to have trust in the tenant approach. Tapping into more human authenticity without a corporate gloss is what this should be about.

8. Tenant voices in the spotlight

I don’t believe we give over enough attention to cover the impact of government policies on our tenants. I would urge all housing organisations to be more representative and ensure the views of their own tenants are heard. #HousingDay encourages tenants from a variety of backgrounds to shout about what they do and what they think about services and policies. #HousingDay supportsTPAS who are looking for up to 50 people to find a strong voice.

yorkshire housing tenant #housingday

9. Connecting tenants together

One of social media’s biggest strengths is its unparalleled ways to reach out, to engage in two-way conversations and connect people with each other. My ultimate aim is to create a springboard for further tenant networking and campaigning. The hashtag #HousingDayChat can create a regular conversation to build momentum, trust and consistency. In future, this will be organised by tenants themselves – a networked community.

10. Tenant power

This year tenant power echoes much about what we’re trying to achieve with #HousingDay. It’s also been echoed by blogger Bessy Banks’  #30daysofhousing campaign. On day 6, Bessy wrote:

“Finding our own voice and speaking to others in common is very powerful. There must be some way and necessity to collect and share these voices, to seek out and involve the involved residents in estates and neighbourhoods in cities, towns and villages the nation over. We have so much in common and the ability to share. There are many people doing great work in scrutiny who must have a voice too. I suppose the theme I am seeing is a movement of #tenantpower and a reclaiming of some of the confidence we seem to have lost.”

11. Get involved on 18 November with #HousingDayChat and beyond

I’m urging everyone to get involved on 18 November in whatever way they can. We’re looking out for tenants to participate in a second #HousingDayChat, 8-9pm. This is a great opportunity to tune into what tenants are saying and to ask questions. We can also celebrate some of the day’s highlights and discuss where we can go from here.

You can check out the latest #HousingDay activity via

Adrian Capon, senior communications officer, Yorkshire Housing

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ladies!

welfare 3rd birthday sml

Congratulations and Happy 3rd Birthday to the lovely ladies of the Welfare Advice team!

The team was set up 3 years ago to work with individuals and their families – to find solutions to their problems, primarily triggered by Welfare Reform or the ‘Bedroom Tax’.

welfare team 3rd birthday sml


Welfare Thank you cards smlSome residents have been struggling or slipping through the ‘welfare’ net and the team have provided a personal service, working tirelessly to help them get back on track.

‘Thank you’!

On a regular basis, Gill, Gemma, Julie and Susan receive ‘thank you’ cards from residents who are so grateful for the help they have received to improve their personal circumstances.

Sliders Universal Credit its here are you ready?Universal Credit

There will be even greater challenges ahead for the team with the arrival of Universal Credit. This new Benefits System will affect far more people than with the introduction of Welfare Reform.

At the moment, very few people are aware of Universal Credit and how it will affect them. The team has their work cut out, explaining the changes, what needs to be done before claiming, how to claim and subsequently how to cope with the new single monthly payments.

At the end of this month, the Welfare Advice team will be joining forces with other Ocean staff to visit in person around 400 households expected to be most affected by Universal Credit.


Welfare Cake slice smlIf you would like to speak the Welfare Advice team or know someone affected by Welfare Reform or Universal Credit, please contact them:

Welfare Advice Team

for Benefits Advice

Icon phone sml  01726 874450

Icon online form sml  Complete: Online Contact Form

Icon Email sml  Email:


Banner HousingDay15 SH

This year, #HousingDay will take place on 18th November 2015 to celebrate the positive impact of social housing on thousands of people across the UK.

Proud Tenant

This year’s theme is Proud Tenant, so we want to hear from you!

HousingDay15 bullet pointAre you proud of where you live?
(eg. have you worked hard to improve your home or garden?)

HousingDay15 bullet pointAre you proud of your community?
(eg. have you organised a community event?)

HousingDay15 bullet pointAre you proud of what you do?
(eg. are you a carer?)

HousingDay15 bullet pointAre you proud of what you have achieved?
(eg. have you overcome adversity or done anything for charity?)

Tell your Story

**If you have a story to tell us, please write in to Ocean, using the form below and don’t forget to upload your photos.**

We’ll post up your stories and photos on our website and share them on social media to change perceptions of Social Tenants.

Social Media

Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for stories by #ukhousing landlords, staff & #proudtenants to find out more about the work that goes on to improve people’s lives.

Share this page using the ‘Share’ tool below the contact form.

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For the Fallen, Lest we Forget

As part of Ocean’s ongoing support of the Royal British Legion’s annual Poppy Appeal, Ocean held a ceremony on 28th October to illuminate a giant printed version of the poem ‘For the Fallen’ to help launch this year’s appeal.

Icon online form sml Donate to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal


Poppy and banner edited_lowres

The poem proudly appears on the front of Ocean’s office, displayed alongside our now familiar giant poppy which was made by Ocean’s apprentices 2 years ago.

The famous words were written by Robert Laurence Binyon, in September 1914 , just a few weeks after World War One broke out,  and have been adopted by the Royal British Legion to remember those who have ‘fallen’ in combat.

David Renwick, Ocean’s Group Chief Executive, said,

“We are delighted once again to be involved in this important remembrance and fundraising event. 

We are extremely grateful to those men and women who fought for our freedom in past and present conflicts. 

We all must be mindful of those powerful words ‘Lest We Forget’ and continue to honour those who have fallen, and provide support for those who survived but are in need of our help.”

A commemorative plaque of these immortal words is located on the edge of the cliff at Pentire Point, Polzeath (on the North Cornish coast), where it is believed the poem was composed.

For the Fallen

Poem by Robert Laurence Binyon (1869-1943), published in The Times newspaper on 21st September 1914.

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
England mourns for her dead across the sea.
Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
Fallen in the cause of the free.

Solemn the drums thrill: Death august and royal
Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres.
There is music in the midst of desolation
And a glory that shines upon our tears.

They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
They sleep beyond England’s foam.

But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
As the stars are known to the Night;

As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain,
As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
To the end, to the end, they remain.

Giant poppy illuminated

Blocked Gutters

blocked gutters

It’s raining and blowing again… Over the last few years, it has rained and blown… big time! Some gutters and down pipes are draining away well and you haven’t even thought twice about them. Whereas others are clogged up with moss and autumn leaves, have cracked or come loose, leaving you with a slippery dangerous surface or worse…damp patches appearing on inside walls.

Gutters & Gullies

Ocean is responsible for maintaining the gutters and gullies of your building.

We will come and unblock and maintain your gutters and drains within 20 working days from when you report it to us.

There is no need to book an appointment as long as we can gain access to the problem.

Unblocking gutter drainLow level gullies are easy enough to keep clear but it can be unsafe to reach high-up gutters yourself. Please use common sense when attempting any clearance yourself.

Icon online form sml Report to Ocean

Icon online form sml We Repair

Icon online form sml You Repair


If your road is flooded, you can report it to the Council. Click here to report flooding on the roads.

Icon online form sml Report to Council

There is also a useful online tool called Fix My Street – to report graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, street lighting, long grass etc. to the Council.

The Aladdin Effect – New For Old

David, Steve, Ruth (mayor) & Resident sml

Ocean Housing declared the new Windmill House officially open on 11th August, transforming the quality of life for older people.

Ocean Housing and Steve Double MP, were thrilled to officially open an exciting £1.8million development which has delivered twelve affordable apartments in the popular port of Fowey, earlier this week.

The new self-contained, one-bedroomed apartments at Windmill House address the need for high-quality, yet affordable rented housing designed specifically for over 55’s in the sought-after area.

Windmill plans

New for Old

Far from your ‘run of the mill’ development, the new Windmill House replaces a former 1960s supported housing scheme and incorporates a resident’s roof garden with views across the valley. The impressive design also includes useful features such as a mobility scooter store and a comfortable communal lounge.

A handful of original residents have moved back into the new Windmill House after the old building was demolished and deemed ‘out of date’.

Resident Ron said

“I can’t thank Ocean enough; I’m over the moon with my new apartment and can’t knock it. It’s the finest thing to happen in Fowey”.

The scheme was made possible thanks to joint funding from Ocean Housing and the Homes and Communities Agency, with added support from Cornwall Council and Fowey Town Council.

Resident & Mayor sml

“Building more affordable homes in rural areas like Fowey brings an array of benefits to the whole community. Not only does the new Windmill House help those over the age of 55 to remain living in the area, its unique features will have a positive impact on the quality of life for the local people” added Steve Double MP.

Oceans Group Chief Executive, David Renwick said

“We are delighted to provide high-quality homes for over 55’s in the area and would like to thank everyone for their help and support for such a fantastic housing project in the town”. 

The residents are now making good use of the roof garden. They are putting in an application for our Treasure Chest fund to purchase some garden furniture – to leisurely make the most of the roof-top views!

Icon online form sml Treasure Chest

David & Resident smlBand smlBand 2 SMLWindmill House Cake smlAmbassadors sml Residents (2) sml Residents (3) sml Residents (4) sml

It’s Your Money!

Your Money

Does any of this sound familiar?

Banner Your Money Pig SH 72dpi‘I could do with some tips on how to manage on a tight budget but don’t know where to start.’

Banner Your Money Pig SH 72dpi‘I really want to sort out my debt problems’

Banner Your Money Pig SH 72dpi‘What’s Universal Credit?’

These questions are all answered on our website.

Why not take up the challenge of reading and reviewing the ‘Your Money’ section of the website, so we get to hear what you think of our web pages while you learn all about managing your finances along the way.

Follow the instructions and complete our survey below to tell us truthfully what you think of the information we provide and whether you think it is useful and well presented.

Create your own user feedback survey

The Great Outdoors

Posted on

Sliders Service StandardsAs part of our service to you, our team of keen gardeners maintain communal areas and large open spaces, helping to keep the area you live in, looking its best.

From time to time, we receive complaints about land not being maintained.

We do our utmost to maintain Ocean owned land and often find that complaints regarding poor maintenance relate to land owned by Cornwall Council.


In this ‘quick glance guide’ we’ve given a snapshot on what you can expect from us. Click here to read more detailed specifications.

Garage, car parks, drying areas and pathways

Areas to be weeded and treated to prevent weeds and reduce moss growth

  • Where possible collect fallen leaves and litter removed from site at each visit
  • Path edges to be defined where possible

Grounds maint untidy steps thumb


Shrub beds

  • Maintained to minimise weeds
  • Shrubbery pruned twice per year

Grounds maint overgrown shrubs thumb

Grassed areas

  • Fortnightly grass cuts for as long as the growing season lasts
  • Grassed areas litter-picked before cutting, if required

Grounds maint mown lawn thumb

Grounds maint mown cuttings

communal land share maintenance



  • Formal hedges cut once a year with face and top even and level
  • Informal Cornish hedges cut after wild flowers have seeded

Grounds maint tidy hedge thumb

your responsability maintenance


  • Trees regularly inspected for signs of damage or infestation
  • Fallen trees removed from site and ad-hoc tree maintenance undertaken

Grounds maint fallen tree thumb



  • Inspected weekly for signs of wear and tear or damage
  • Equipment repaired as and when required

Grounds maint Play area thumb

Frequency of maintenance


Tenant Monitors

We want to know if you’re not happy with the Grounds Maintenance Service you receive.

Become a regular Grounds Maintenance Tenant Monitor and we’ll give you a £10 shopping voucher for every 6 monthly forms completed and returned.

Simply call our Tenant Involvement Team for more information:

Icon online form sml Tenant Monitors

Icon Email sml

Icon phone sml 01726 874450

Business as Usual

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Ocean Services merger

You may have recently seen in the local news or heard from your neighbours that there are some changes taking place at Ocean.

The main reason behind these changes is to improve our service to you. That’s why we plan to merge the repairs and maintenance arm that you know as Ocean Services, with Ocean Housing Ltd and our Mechanical and Electrical Team will soon join our successful construction company Gilbert & Goode.

David Renwick, Group Chief Executive tells us

“We’ve never been in better financial shape. By bringing Ocean Services in with Ocean Housing we can further invest in new services, continue to grow and improve upon our reputable repairs and maintenance service”. 

Rest assured, the changes won’t affect you and we’re sure you’ll look forward to seeing the improvements over the coming months.

Try Something New

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Try something new dance Turn your hand to something new this summer with Ocean and Cornwall College as we bring you a range of free taster sessions.

Fancy having a go at ballroom dancing, face painting, or hair braiding?

Perhaps you’d like to try tiling, or gain skills in hair design and dress alterations with the upcoming prom season.

These opportunities are Free and just a call away.

Contact Beverley Bassett in the Tenant Involvement Team to find out more.

Icon phone sml  01726 874450

Icon Email sml

Icon online form sml Online Contact Form


Try something new thumbnail 225 x 225

Out with the Old, in with the New!

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Out with the Old, in with the New thumbExcited Sue of Poldark Gardens couldn’t wait to show us her new shower room, thanks to Ocean’s Planned Maintenance Programme.

Poldark Gardens is amongst the first of many areas which will experience first-hand the benefits of our recent £105M investment plan. Not only improving homes but quality of life too.

“I’m really pleased with my new bathroom” says Sue.“Jamie the plumber did a fantastic job. His hard work meant we were using our bathroom again in no time”.

Sue and her neighbours also played a part in decorating the skip used to take away the old bathrooms. Bunting and windmills were placed
around the skip bringing a splash of colour to the area whilst work was underway.

Repairs & Maintenance Programme

Year on year we strive to deliver a top class repairs and maintenance service. But did you know throughout 2015/16 we plan to complete…

Planned maintenance stats 1 Planned maintenance stats 2