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BrowseAloud online accessibility tool

BrowseAloud visual impairment

Are you struggling to read this website?

Why not try our website accessibility tool, Browse Aloud, which allows users to listen to the pages whilst browsing. Alternatively, you can tell it to simplify the page or make the text larger.

Look at the top of this page (right hand corner of the page if you are on a big screen).

1. Click on BrowseAloud.

2. This will bring up the tool bar.

You can then choose from a selection of tools to enable you to do things like:

a) Listen

listen to the content on the page


b) Translate

change the language


c) Highlight

highlight lines of text


d) Simplify

Edit the settings to simplify the screen, change the text size, colour of the text and background to make it easier to read.





4. If you need help, click on the ? for more information.

Browse Aloud

The great thing is, it is ‘responsive’ which means it resizes and adapts to a range of devices including desktop, smart phones and tablets.

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