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Our finger is on the pulse with defibrillator initiative 

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We’re delighted to unveil our latest community initiative with the installation of a portable defibrillator unit at our Head Offices in Stennack Road, St Austell.

The idea, which originated from a staff suggestion scheme, has now come to fruition thanks to the efforts of staff fundraising, matched by the Ocean Group. The device was commissioned this month by the Group’s Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Ralph Garth.

Ralph said;

‘This is a great initiative from members of staff who genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of colleagues and the wider community. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, and a device like this can make the difference between life and dealth, which is why we were happy to support the idea.’

Nicola Mitchell, who submitted the suggestion, told of her excitement to finally see the unit in place:

‘I was delighted when Ralph confirmed they were on board with my idea. The idea originated from a first aid at work training session, and learning that early defibrillation can triple the chance of a person’s survival rate. Due to the location of Stennack House, in the heart of Holmbush, St Austell, I felt it would be a perfect spot for such important life-saving equipment, benefiting not only our office users, but also aiding the surrounding residential and commercial community’.

This device is now installed and available for use, within business hours, in the reception area of :
Ocean Housing Group Ltd,
Stennack House,
Stennack Road,
St Austell
PL25 3SW.

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Fire Safety Matters

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To raise awareness of safety in the home, we held their first Fire Safety Awareness Week over May half term from 28th of May until the 1st of June.

During the week, there were number of exciting activities undertaken around the business and in the community: including two local fire station trips. The team spent their time encouraging customers to think about fire prevention and how to save a life, in the event of one.

Ocean Group’s Head of Health, Safety & Environment, Ralph Garth and the Tenant Involvement team worked closely with the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service to run a variety of activities to get the message out there.

Ralph Garth said,

“Our first Fire Safety Awareness Week has proved to be a fantastic initiative across our business to raise fire safety awareness in our customers and staff. The reaction has been really positive and the fire safety message is being spread far and wide, and we are especially thankful to our partners Cornwall Fire Service and Jewson for their involvement in the week.”

We teamed up with Cornwall Fire Service to run fun events at St Austell and Newquay fire stations; giving families the opportunity to go behind the scenes and understand the incredible work the Fire Service does.


Jewson, one of our key supply chain partners, also kindly donated over 60 fire blankets to be distributed to our customers over the coming weeks.

As a result of the positive outcome of the week, we intend to add this campaign into our calendar as a permanent fixture every May half term. Watch this space for next year’s Fire Safety Awareness Week!


False alarm highlights strong partnership between Ocean and Cornwall Fire Service

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service were called to the county’s only high-rise block of flats, Park House on Saturday 28th October, to investigate a fire alarm activation. Upon arrival it was alleged that the fire alarm was activated due to a resident smoking a cigarette in a communal area, which activated the smoke alarm. The fire brigade in attendance searched the building and no fire was found.

As owner of the Park House building, Ocean liaises regularly with Cornwall Fire and Rescue and conducts familiarisation and evacuation exercises.

Access to all areas within Park House is available to the Fire and Rescue Service if required during an emergency. No issues or concerns have been raised by the Fire and Rescue Service in relation to access or any other fire safety concerns at Park House.

Ocean’s Chief Executive, Mark Gardner, spoke of his commitment to resident safety across the Group’s properties:

“Ocean has a robust fire safety process in place within Park House and resident safety is paramount in all our schemes. A joint six monthly fire safety inspection is carried out with the Fire and Rescue Service and a full-time caretaker is employed to maintain the building and ensure meticulous compliance checks in liaison with our dedicated Health & Safety, Neighbourhood Services and Property Services teams.”

#HousingDay – Gas leak discovery

Ocean tenant and Chair of the Tenant panel, Jan Faulkner (on the right) has just emailed us because she felt you should hear her story.

“Each year, we allow Ocean into our homes to carry out a gas safety check, which is a legal and a tenancy requirement.

This year, the engineer called to my home to complete the necessary test. However, towards the end of this test he asked if I had smelt gas, and I had to say that I had.

Six months earlier I had to replace my gas cooker, and arranged for a qualified fitter to put it in. Since then, there had been a slight smell of gas but I failed to take any notice as I trusted the qualified fitter and thought it was normal for a new cooker. I had suffered headaches and nausea but I had not connected it to the smell.

I was informed that there was a leak from the pipe to the cooker and this was impacting on mine and my family’s health.

Thankfully, the Ocean engineer put it right for me there and then. I was so relieved.

My home now has a clean bill of health for another year, and no smell of gas.

We may feel that it is inconvenient and not necessary but knowing that my home is safe for another year is so worth it.”

This experience has been a real eye opener for her. It just goes to show that many of our customers could potentially be putting themselves and their families at risk because they are failing to give our engineers access to carry out their annual gas service.

Park House Fire Safety Awareness Event

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63 Park HouseOcean’s Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Ralph Garth, teamed up with Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service and Community Safety team to run a special fire safety session at Park House – to talk to residents, provide reassurance, advice and support.

Fire Safety Awareness Morning

20th June
Park House
St. Austell

Park House is Cornwall’s only high rise residential block of flats. It is regularly inspected by our Health & Safety teams, Neighbourhood Services Officer and Maintenance Manager.

Over the last few years we have worked closely with the Fire Brigade to ensure all systems are up to date. Last October, Ocean teamed up with the St Austell fire crew to organise an exercise so they could practice possible fire and rescue situations in and around the building.

Justin Sharp from Cornwall Fire Service was interviewed on BBC Radio Cornwall about fire safety at Park House:

‘I’m comfortable we’ve worked with Ocean Housing to ensure there is a very high standard of fire safety on the premises.’

‘I’d like to reassure residents in Park House that their safety is paramount.’

‘We’ve worked with Ocean and are satisfied that fire safety measures meet today’s standards.’

The event itself was well attended and teams worked through the building visiting the majority of residents individually. Ralph said

‘we had the opportunity to speak to most of the residents about all the fire precautions and measures in place that meet current regulations,  as well as escape plans and fire safety guidance and advice.’

Residents reacted positively and were reassured in particular by the ‘passive protection’ measures that are in place.

Any concerns or queries can be raised with either Ocean or the Fire Service, and Park House residents are more than welcome to request a home visit if they were unable to meet the team at today’s event.

Please feel free to fill out the online contact form below and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

Please enter your details




Autumn Preparations

Before Autumn turns into Winter, let’s work together to maintain your home and prevent putting your own health and home at risk. There are lots of things to do …before the weather turns nasty on us, not once it is here!

gas servicing 2011 72dpi


Saving you ££

Visit our Heating page or talk to our Energy Advisors about saving yourself money and spreading the cost of heating your home this winter.

Efficient heating

Watch the video to understand how to set your heating system to work efficiently.

Servicing your system

Our planned maintenance team have a schedule of works to service heating systems that Ocean has installed. Please make sure you give them access to undertake this service, when they contact you.


Steam shower mirror more blue


Underheating and lack of ventilation in your home during cold and damp spells results in condensation.

Don’t fall into the trap – turning off your heating is a false economy and can put your health & home at risk.

Follow our helpful tips to avoid a build up of condensation and moisture in your home.

Consider switching energy supplier to reduce your heating costs or spreading the costs over regular monthly Direct Debit payments.



Gas Safety Week 2017

It’s Gas Safety Week 18 -24th September – fighting for a gas safe nation!

Ocean carries out annual gas checks on gas appliances that we have installed. You will be notified when you are due a check. Please make sure you give us access to maintain your system to avoid putting your health & home at risk.

If Ocean did not install your appliance – ALWAYS USE A GAS SAFE REGISTERED ENGINEER.


Banner Health & Safety SH

Smoke Alarm Testing

Ocean carries out annual checks on your Smoke Alarm.

You will be notified when you are due a check. Please make sure you give us access to maintain your system to avoid putting your health & home at risk.


Unblocking gutter drain

Blocked Gutters

Wind + Rain + Autumn Leaves = Blocked and dripping gutters

Let’s work together to prevent damp patches appearing due to drips and leaks.

Scooter Safe

mobility scooterMobility scooters offer a lifeline to many people giving mobility and independence.  Chances are you know someone who uses one or maybe you use one yourself, so here are some reminders on how to store scooters safely.

Firstly, storing scooters out of the way means you have a clear escape route in the event of a fire so it’s important not to store them in communal halls and stairwells.  Scooters left on charge overnight or whilst you’re out can be a common cause for fire, therefore make sure they are serviced regularly and keep an eye on them whilst they are charging. Finally scooters can be everyday trip hazard so make sure they are not blocking paths or doorways.

By keeping communal areas clear, you are helping to keep you, your family and neighbours safe.

Fire hazards

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Fire damage

Our concern is for your safety. We want to remind you how important it is to keep communal areas free of rubbish and any electrical/inflammable materials.

Fire Risk

Often we do not realise that we are causing a fire hazard. These examples can increase the risk of fire:

  • Leaving a push bike in the corridor of a block of flats
  • Storing a pram in the stairwell
  • Putting your rubbish in the communal hallway overnight before collection
  • Charging mobility scooters in communal areas.

It is equally dangerous to store rubbish or other inflammable materials outside against the walls of your home or next to any garden or boundary fencing.

All these hazards are easy to avoid:

By keeping communal areas and stairwells clear and disposing of rubbish properly, you are helping to keep you, your family and neighbours safe.

For helpful advice, click on these links:

Banner Fire Safety GCIcon online form sml  Fire Safety
Icon online form sml  Reduce Fire Risk
Icon online form sml  In Case of Fire
Icon online form sml  Cornwall Fire & Rescue
Icon online form sml  Fire Safety Leaflet

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