‘Computers and Me’

Jan Faulkner (Chair of Tenant and Resident’s Panel) writes about her journey to getting online:


“We all reach crossroads at various points in our lives, and at the grand old age of 43 I  reached one of these, I had to consider using a computer. Until this time I had never given computers a second thought, hadn’t needed too. Events meant that I had decided to prepare for the work market again which meant upgrading qualifications gained long ago. I was entering the world of education once more, scary and daunting!

Gaining Confidence

On entering college I gained confidence and knowledge as I was taken through a course designed to get even fools like myself computer literate. A friend gave me their old computer so I was able to get the internet service installed at home, where I practised in hiding till I was able to find my way around the “net”, it even proved fun sometimes, and college work was offered up in the right format.

Not looking back

Since this time, I have been able to use my computer skills to gain and remain in employment, organise my utility bills, and if I need to find an answer to any question I am able to look it up on the internet. The biggest gain however is to my social life, I can stay in touch with my friends, and contact my family whenever I want, even uploading their photo’s onto my database so I can view at leisure.

I can stay in touch with the world outside my front door.”

Life changing

Jan went to St. Austell college on an “Access” Environmental Science course, which prepared her for her H.N.D ‘Heritage, Environment and Economic Development’ course at University.

She added “I never set out to go to uni so late in life, but under the guidance of the tutors, and their encouragement I took the opportunity to change my life and my self esteem. It was so worth it.

“There is a chap at the college whose role is to help adults back into the right education. He sorts out appropriate courses and relevant funding.”