Ocean 2020

In January 2015, the Board set out a Vision of what Ocean should look like in the year 2020.

These are:

1. Managing 5,000 homes
2. Customer satisfaction: over 90%
3. Continued organic growth and profitability within the Group
4. Continue to invest in our homes
5. High performing support services
6. Flexible, empowered workforce
7. Added value support to our customers including advice and digital and social inclusion.

How are we going to achieve our Vision?

1. Marginal gains: looking for that extra 1% in everything we do.
2. Customer focus: putting customer experience and perceptions first.
3. Business intelligence: making better use of the information we hold; making better decisions.

Staff from across the Group will be involved in Ocean 2020. We’ll be refreshing our processes, making better use of new technology and online services and reviewing flexible working.