Environment Policy

We believe that building homes should not ‘cost the earth’ in both senses; financially or environmentally! We think beyond the actual building process too – The finished home should also be more energy efficient in the long term so that you are not using up too much of the Earth’s resources (fuel) to heat your home, and in turn you will have lower energy bills.

Good practice

Ocean is committed to best environmental practice in all aspects of its activities, and specifically to the prevention of pollution. At all times it will aspire to deliver environmentally sound services.

Ocean Housing Group will:

Promote the re-use and recycling of waste materials

• Minimise inert waste by increased separation of waste for recycling
• Increase the use of re-used and recycled products
• Reduce landfill requirements

Reduce the use of resources in the daily operations of the organisation

• Review the use of resources within Ocean controlled offices, reducing office waste through re-use and recycling
• Making greater use of information technology to reduce paper systems
• Continuously improve the energy efficiency of buildings we currently own or manage as well as those we construct
• Maximise the efficient use of transport by all staff

Provide housing with a good living environment

• Improve both the internal and external environment of housing by aiming to meet and where possible exceed the environmental standards set down by law
• Enable residents to reduce the running costs of their homes
• Provide residents with Energy Performance Certificates at the start of their tenancy/ownership
• Provide domestic energy advice

Reduce the dependency on non-renewable resources

• Reducing the unnecessary consumption of new resources (see sustainability policy)
• Take account of whole life costs and not just initial price when assessing value for money
• Encourage our contractors and suppliers, through tighter specifications, to develop environmentally preferable goods and services at competitive prices
• Through the Procurement Strategy ensure that products purchased have minimal non-renewable components in particular through Advantage South West Procurement Club.

Reduce CO² emissions and other gases known to effect global warming

• Provide more low-carbon housing
• Minimise fleet vehicle emissions through continual maintenance
• Consider the use of new fuels, including Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and bio-fuels for powering its fleet of vehicles
• Eliminate unnecessary journeys carried out by staff
• Minimise use of staff’s own vehicles to ensure emissions are controlled
• Use new technology to reduce the Group’s carbon footprint

Promote and support environmental protection

• Produce an Environmental Action Plan/targets to achieve continuous improvement of environmental performance
• Publish our environmental performance, outlining how we are seeking to manage and improve our contribution to environmental protection
• Educate, train and motivate staff and contractors to act in an environmentally responsible manner, increasing understanding of technical and scientific advances