My Ocean – Help

My Ocean is a new service and we are keen to make it a really useable tool for our customers. Here are some tips to help you find your way around My Ocean. We will add more information as we come across frequently asked questions.


To register, you will need your Ocean Housing Allpay card. Contact us if you do not have one.

Ocean rent payment card UPRN_Allpay_2

Problems submitting the registration form.

My Ocean registration starred field

Where there is a red star indicated next to a box, you must enter information. It will not allow you to complete the form and submit it if a starred box is not entered correctly.
My Ocean registration field requiredCheck if there are any notices or alerts telling you what is causing the problem or failure to complete.


Finding information

Tenancy Reference Number

When you arrive at My Ocean, you will find your Tenant Reference Number at the top left of the screen. If you have registered a garage tenancy as well as your home, you can use the drop down menu to switch between accounts.

My Ocean ten ref


Contact Names

Your case managers’ names are in the top right of the screen.

My Ocean NSO IMO


Click between tabs:

My Ocean – Welcome, News and Events

My Account – View your Balance and Rent Account transactions

My Repairs – View your Responsive Repairs

Planned Upgrades – View if your property is due any planned maintenance this financial quarter.

Tabs – Desktop view

My Ocean my tabs

Tabs – Mobile view

My Ocean my tabs mobile view


My Account

Click on My Account tab to view your Account Balance.

My Ocean my account

My Ocean my account drop downSelect Rent Account from the ‘Account Statement’ drop down menu to view your last 3 months’ transactions.



My Ocean is a secure area, containing personal information. We are taking every precaution to ensure that your details are kept safe. To ensure that we get this right, we are taking extra steps to guarantee levels of security. Therefore, you may not receive your login details immediately.



When you receive your login details, please take every precaution to make sure you are protecting yourself online.

Keep your user name and password information safe.

Reset your password – to a ‘strong’ memorable password. The reset your password process will let you know what is a strong password as you type.

Please do not disclose your username or password to anyone – if you fear that someone else has accessed your account, you can reset your password.

Do not click ‘Remember me’ if you are using a shared computer.

Data sent to Ocean via this website is protected by a ‘secure sockets layer’ or SSL certificate recognisable by the padlock in your browser bar.



General online safety tips

Protect your computer against viruses and other threats like spyware using anti-virus programmes such as Norton or McAfee.

Keep your computer up to date – Online threats change almost daily, regularly update your computer’s operating system to stay safe.

Use ‘strong’ passwords

Mobile Devices – It’s best not to remove any security controls if you are using a mobile or tablet.

Text messages and emails – Don’t open links or attachments in unsolicited text messages or emails, as they may be from fraudsters.

In public places – Be careful when using your mobile device in public places.