What is the Tenant and Resident Partnership?

The Tenant and Resident Partnership

The Tenant and Resident Partnership has been created by our tenants and residents to simplify the ways that you can get involved.

The partnership is based around 3 levels; gold, silver and bronze, and is designed to offer something for everyone based upon the time you have available and commitment you are able to make.

Partnership Levels


As a gold partner, you will be a member of our active Together With Ocean (TWO) panel.  TWO meet monthly via Zoom to monitor the performance of Ocean, scrutinise our service deliver and challenge our decision making.



As a silver partnership member you have two options.  You can join as a Tenant Monitor and review our grounds maintenance and communal cleaning services with the option to win vouchers, the more feedback you give.

Or if you interested in helping shape our newsletter, forms and magazine, you can join as an Editorial Panel member.


As a bronze member you can join our new and exciting Virtual Internet Panel (VIP) and active online community.

As a VIP you can provide feedback from your own home and build up points to win prizes.

There is nothing to stop you moving between the levels as your circumstances change or joining more than one group!  If you are interested, fill out the contact form here today.