Scrutiny Panel

Our Tenant and Residents Panel identify areas of service provision and request the Scrutiny Panel to:

  • Explore how a service is delivered
  • Consider if a service is satisfactory
  • Question if a service provides value for money
  • See if it can be improved

Constant scrutiny

The Scrutiny Panel’s observations are reported back to the Tenants & Residents Panel. In turn, the Tenants & Residents Panel can then put forward any recommendations and observations to the Ocean Housing Board, who will respond accordingly. The Board too can request the Scrutiny Panel to look at a particular service via the Tenant and Resident Panel. This ensures our service provision is under constant review.


Entirely resident led, the Scrutiny Panel can request any member of the Executive or any senior officer to explain matters within their department. The panel may also wish to invite other people such as residents and stakeholders to discuss chosen topics. Overall, scrutiny is key to the continued success of Ocean, ensuring quality and value for money services are provided to our residents.


Meetings are held every month and last for at least an hour.

Get Involved

If you would like to be a member of the Scrutiny Panel or would like more information, please contact the Tenant and Resident Involvement Team.


Icon phone sml  Tel 01726 874450

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