Clifford Hill’s Story

Tenant MOnitor John-Colwill.

Clifford Hill is a Tenant Monitor and lives in Newquay. We asked him a few questions about being a Tenant Monitor to help encourage others to get involved.

Describe what you do

“General inspection of the estate gardens and grounds, pathways and drying areas.”

How often do you do it?

“Several times within the month”

How does it take?

“20-30 minutes”

Why did you become a Tenant Monitor?

“I was asked if I would consider doing it. I am very happy to continue doing it, so as to keep the estate in a clean looking condition.”

Do you feel that your contribution has made a difference?

“I hope so, I can only report what I find and see but feel that other residents feel that someone is monitoring is a good thing.”

Do you feel you have benefitted from being involved and if so, how?

“Yes I do. The interaction with the ground staff and residents makes you feel as if you have achieved something.”