John Colwill’s Story

Tenant Monitor John-ColwillJohn Colwill is a Tenant Monitor and lives in St. Austell. Here is his story:

Describe what you do

“Watch out for grass being cut and how often it is done – it should be once a fortnight – and if it’s not done, report it to Ocean.”

How often do you do it?

“Once a fortnight”

How does it take?

“30 minutes”

Why did you become a Tenant Monitor?

“Because they needed a monitor on my estate and I offered my services.”

Do you feel that your contribution has made a difference?

“Yes I do.”

Do you feel you have benefitted from being involved and if so, how?

“Yes, I have. By keeping the grass tidy, we have a clean and tidy estate and tenants are getting value for their money.”