Together With Ocean (TWO)

Together With Ocean was created by our tenants and residents in September 2020 following a review of our existing tenant panels.

The group is new and exciting and looking to create new ways of working together with Ocean.

The group meet monthly, virtually using Zoom and are a gold member of the Tenant and Resident Partnership.  They complete some of the following key activities:

  • Reviews the performance of our services and the decisions affecting tenants.
  • Monitors service standards targets.
  • Identifies areas that Ocean are doing well in, and areas that could be improved.
  • Enlists the help of Ocean’s Scrutiny Panel to look into services in greater depth.

Mission Statement

As a member of TWO we will monitor, scrutinise and challenge as necessary all aspects of Ocean:

  • to ensure standards are maintained with efficiency and Value for Money
  • to instigate scrutiny reviews and working procedures, through the Scrutiny Panel, then discuss findings and forward reports to Ocean.


The role of a panel member is varied. Meetings are a chance to offer your knowledge and insights; discussing and advising on housing and localised issues. Therefore, as a group, you are acting as both consultants and decision-makers.

Meetings are held every month and last for at least an hour.

Treasure Chest

The Panel also has ownership of the Treasure Chest initiative, granting communities and neighbourhoods much needed funding for their own events.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved, or would like some more information, please contact the Tenant Partnership Team.

The TWO panel also identify areas of service provision and:

  • Explore how a service is delivered
  • Consider if a service is satisfactory
  • Question if a service provides value for money
  • See if it can be improved

Constant scrutiny

TWO’s observations are reported together with recommendations and observations to the Ocean Housing Board, who will respond accordingly.


Entirely resident led, TWO can request any member of the Executive or any senior officer to explain matters within their department. The panel may also wish to invite other people such as residents and stakeholders to discuss chosen topics. Overall, scrutiny is key to the continued success of Ocean, ensuring quality and value for money services are provided to our residents.


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