Common Disputes

You may be able to resolve personal disputes and everyday nuisance problems by talking directly to the person or people involved.

You never know, taking a calm polite approach might just do the trick. After all, they may not be aware that they are causing a problem.

There are many ways of resolving a dispute yourself, but it’s worth taking a deep breath and calming down first before you attempt to resolve anything by yourself.


Firstly, faced with certain behaviours, it might help your frame of mind if you recognise that some people make different lifestyle choices to you. With that in mind, there is a need to accept some behaviour even though you may disapprove of it.

Angry? – Stop and Think

Your emotions may be running wild as a result of anti-social behaviour that affects you or your loved ones and the first thing you want to do is convey these emotions to the perpetrator or anyone who will listen…. Don’t stoop to their level though and overreact with equally bad behaviour!

Take a moment to stop and think before you react – Calm yourself down to avoid a confrontation that escalates out of control. You might be surprised how much more effective a calm reasonable polite request can be over a shouting match.

When speaking to your neighbour, remember to:

  • be calm and friendly and show you’re happy to hear their point of view
  • listen to what your neighbour says
  • try not to interrupt the other person when they’re talking
  • stay in control and don’t shout
  • don’t be abusive or aggressive
  • politely remove yourself from the situation if you feel your neighbour is becoming unreasonable.

The Government website has tips on resolving anti-social behaviour.

Icon online form sml  Government ASB website

Icon online form sml  ‘How to deal with ASB’ Leaflet.


Noise Disturbance

If you’re having a problem with noise like loud music, noisy pubs, rowdy parties or barking dogs in your neighbourhood, the Cornwall Council Environmental Health and Licensing department can help you.

Icon phone sml  0300 1234 212
Icon online form sml  Cornwall Council – Noise
Icon online form sml
  Online Contact Form
Icon Email sml  Send an Email


You can also reduce your own household noise by introducing simple alterations to your home and habits:

  • Use rugs or carpets to reduce echo and footstep noise on floors and stairs
  • Use curtains to reduce echo and muffle sound transfer
  • Move your Music or TV speakers away from the adjoining walls to reduce sound transfer
  • Wear slippers rather than noisy shoes on hard flooring
  • Notify neighbours in advance of social events that may go on late into the night