Keeping an eye on neighbours and looking out for each other is really important. You are best placed to notice any changes that are of concern. There are various things you can do to be a good neighbour and take care of our most vulnerable members of society.

‘Popping round’

Popping round now and then for a cuppa with an elderly neighbour, even for a few minutes, can make all the difference. Let us know if you notice anything different about them or their home that may be of concern. The older generation tend to ‘get by’ and ‘suffer in silence’, even if means sitting in a cold house. We mustn’t let potential problems go unnoticed.


We are all responsible for ‘safeguarding’ each other. Safeguarding means protecting someone from harm and ensuring their safety. This includes emotional as well as physical harm. If you are aware of anyone, adult or child alike, at risk of cruelty or that you feel requires professional intervention or protection, please don’t ignore it – report it.

Report it

If you have concerns about any of your neighbours, please report it to Cornwall Council:

Icon phone sml Tel 0300 1234 131
Icon Email sml Send an Email
Icon online form sml Safeguarding Adults
Icon online form sml Safeguarding Children


Neighbourhood Services

Ocean has experienced Neighbourhood Services Officers who are ready to listen. They work with a collection of organisations that can help. Information will be treated sensitively and with confidentiality.

Icon phone sml Tel 01726 874450
Icon Email sml Send an Email

Tenancy Sustainment Coordinator

Ocean’s Tenancy Sustainment Coordinator works in conjunction with a variety of Help & Support Agencies, focusing on the most vulnerable cases.

Icon phone sml Tel 01726 874450

Icon Email sml Send an Email

Ocean Extra

Ocean Extra can provide Lifeline and Visiting Services to our customers.

Icon phone sml Tel 01726 874450
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