Accepting Diversity

‘Diversity’ is about recognising that everyone is different in many visible and non-visible ways.

You and your community

There will be many different types of people living around you – with different upbringings, habits, interests and maybe languages.

Accepting people for who they are – accepting ‘diversity’ – goes a long way to living in harmony alongside each other.

Just Different

No one is ‘better’ or ‘less’ a person for being different; they are just different – with different strengths and weaknesses, different likes and dislikes.

Even when you do not understand someone else’s differences or can’t relate to where they come from, their colour, ethnicity or sex, they have the same human rights as you and should feel that they are being treated as an equal. No one should live in fear in their own community.

Report ASB

If you are a victim of anti-social behaviour, you can report it to Ocean or to the Police. Click on the link on the right to take you to the ASB section of this website.

At Ocean

When we welcome diversity, value each other and treat each other fairly, we work better together. That means that we will provide a better service to our residents.

It will help you, our residents to approach us and use our services if we have a diverse workforce that feels comfortable with and understands your different needs. So diversity will also help us improve the services we provide.