Estate Services

How your neighbourhood looks and whether you feel safe, has a big impact on your home life.

Grounds Maintenance and Communal Cleaning

Your service charge goes towards making sure Ocean’s communal areas are clean, safe and well maintained, both inside and outside.

Shared hallways are cleaned and lit; grass is mown; graffiti and fly tipping are removed.

Your Area

Contact your Neighbourhood Services Officer if you would like to talk about Grounds Maintenance and Communal Cleaning matters.

Areas of responsibility

Check the Cornwall Council highways interactive map to view which roads and pathways are under the Council’s responsibility.

Icon online form sml Cornwall Highways interactive map

Tenant Monitors

Ocean is keen to involve customers in monitoring the standard of its service provision, particularly those estate services that impact on local communities and the people who live there.

Ocean has enlisted the help of a number of tenants to act as monitors of our Grounds Maintenance and Communal Cleaning services.

The monitors oversee the standard of services on their local schemes and submit a monthly satisfaction form.

Satisfaction Form

The form asks for their views on the standard of work carried out, the attitude and application of the contractors doing the work and how satisfied they are with the overall service provided. The extent of satisfaction is reported to both Ocean Board and Ocean’s Tenants and Residents Panel.

Service Improvement

This feedback helps inform future service improvements and helps maintain high standards of service delivery.

Get Involved

There are currently over 60 residents who act as monitors and we are looking to increase this number to cover all Ocean schemes that receive these services. The monitors meet bi-annually with both Ocean staff and the contractors, who provide the services.

If you would like to become a monitor, please contact the Tenant Involvement team.

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