In the spring and summer, plant and tree growth brings joy to most.

But to some, it can become a bit of an annoyance. Trees can overhang walkways and block access, or cast shadows over the useful and sunny parts of the garden. In some cases trees can even become a bit dangerous as they start encroaching on the property, potentially causing structural damage such as loose tiles.

If there are trees overhanging your garden that require cutting back and maintenance, firstly, you will need to establish who’s responsibility it is.

Establish responsibility

Is the tree(s) in your garden or someone else’s?

If the tree is in someone else’s garden (Ocean tenant or not) you should speak to them in the first instance.

If the tree is in a communal area that belongs to Ocean, please contact us to let us know.

Cutting back

1. If the tree is in someone else’s garden, speak to them first – you should have the right to cut the overhang (without causing damage to the health of the tree). You should return the cuttings as they still belong to the owner of the tree.

2. If the tree is in your garden, you will need to check if the tree has a ‘Tree Preservation Order’ or TPO on it before carrying out any works.

Health & Safety

Please be careful when cutting back trees. If you would like Health & Safety Advice, contact our H&S Officer.