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Gulls are large fascinating creatures that can remind you of the sea but they can also cause quite a disturbance.

The noise, mess, damage to your property, even swooping and dive bombing you can become more than a little annoying at times!

Here are some quick tips:

  • Don’t feed the gulls
  • Don’t leave lids off bins etc
  • Don’t put your rubbish bags out too early 
  • Do cover rubbish bags to prevent attack by gulls or other pests.
  • Don’t drop litter

Leaving out food for them attracts the birds and their young, which then attack you and your neighbours. This also attracts rats as they don’t always eat the food.

The birds will also nest in an area where there is an easy supply of food. Their nest can cause damage to properties not forgetting the noise in the early hours!

Be careful: it is illegal to interfere with them as they are protected by law.

More information

The Council offers practical advice on their website and Environmental Protection advice line.

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