Boiler Settings

When you first move in to your HomeBuy property, you will be shown how to control your heating settings. If ever you need to reset your boiler but don’t have the information to hand, you can watch the instruction video for your particular boiler.

Make a note of the name on the control panel and watch AdvantageSW’s videos to find out how to set the boiler controls.

Energy Supplier

It is easy to switch energy supplier and they will take you through the process step by step to make sure you get the best deal.

Icon online form sml  Switch supplier


Payment Method

Changing from a Meter Key payment to Direct Debit payments is more convenient and can save you money. Talk to our advisors about setting up a Direct Debit, spreading the costs evenly and paying your supplier regularly, direct from your bank account. Cost per unit works out cheaper by Direct Debit because you don’t have to pay a standing charge for the key meter.


Stocking up on Oil

Advice from Ocean’s Energy Champion, Jon Hedley:

“Oil prices go up in a cold snap so I recommend that you shop around and maybe consider using an oil buying club, such as the one listed below,” adds Jon.

Icon online form sml  Website: The Oil Club

(As with any purchases just check all the details carefully before placing an order.)