Water and Sewerage

In most cases, you will pay water and sewerage charges direct to the water company. In some instances you will have two bills, one for the water you use and the other for sewerage.


Electricity and Gas Savings

When you move into your home, you must let your electricity and gas suppliers know you are the new occupier. You should provide them with a meter reading to ensure you are only billed for what you use.

Direct Debit

You can make 5-10% savings on your annual electricity bill by spreading the costs, paying by Direct Debit.

Switch Supplier

Make sure you are on the best tariff for you by comparing deals. There is some useful advice and comparison tool on the Money Savings Expert website where they have a Cheap Energy Club.

Icon online form sml Money Savings Expert – Cheap Energy Club



Oil prices go up in a cold snap so I recommend that you shop around and maybe consider using an oil buying club, such as the one listed below,” adds Jon.

You can keep an eye on the rise and fall of Oil prices via the website Boiler Juice.

Icon online form sml  The Oil Club

Icon online form sml  Boiler Juice


Television Licence

You are responsible for making sure you have a valid TV Licence. You can buy one from the post office or online.

Icon online form sml www.tvlicensing.co.uk



You are responsible for getting your telephone connected and for any charges.