Your Responsibilities

Owning a home brings with it costs and responsibilities.

Although we are in place to help you with the purchase we cannot help with the on-going running of the property.

Every month you will need to:

  • Make mortgage repayments
  • Pay your monthly rent to Ocean
  • Paying your ground rent and paying a contribution to the building’s insurance and service charges.
  • Contents Insurance (Whilst Ocean owns a percentage share in the property it will cover the Buildings Insurance but you will still need to obtain content insurance)

As a homeowner, your responsibilities include:

  • Getting written permission from Ocean before carrying out alterations to your home.
  • Being courteous to your neighbours
  • Adequately maintain your home

Don’t forget – following your initial 12 months defects period (only applicable on new build developments) you will be responsible for all the repairs and maintenance of your home as well as the household bills and council tax.