BBQ Fire Safety

It’s that time of year when the BBQ gets dragged out of the shed and fired up for some fun in the sun!

Here are a few things to consider before you light up:

Consider your neighbours

Tell you neighbours you are having a BBQ, especially if they have laundry hanging out to dry!

Please be considerate and keep music/noise levels to reasonable levels.

Keep fires under control to avoid excessive amounts of smoke blowing across into neighbours’ air space. In the summer, we all like to have our windows open for cool, fresh air… not smoke.

Consider fire safety

Give the BBQ some space! Don’t put it in an enclosed spot, too close to buildings or sheds, or under over hanging trees ….in other words, keep it away from anything that might heat up and catch fire.

Never light BBQs indoors or on balconies.

Use approved fuel and fire lighters.

Make sure it is a manageable sized BBQ, not a bonfire!

HOT ash should NOT go in the bin – this could start a fire. Let it cool down first then put it in the bin or on the compost heap.

Make sure you have access to or know where you can easily get your hands on one of the following in case the fire gets unmanageable:

  • fire extinguisher
  • hose
  • water supply
  • BBQ lid

Be responsible, especially with children around.

Consider your escape options if the something goes wrong.

Disposable BBQs on the Beach

Please dispose of your BBQ safely and responsibly rather than burying it in the sand for others to tread on.

Increasingly, you hear of children getting badly burnt when they step on baking hot sand – people bury disposable BBQs on the beach and the embers are still red hot enough to cause serious burns to his feet. Treliske Hospital staff say they see “two or three” people a week with similar injuries.