In Case of Fire


  • Don’t tackle fires yourself. Leave it to the professionals.
  • Set off the fire alarm if there is one.
  • Keep calm and act quickly, get everyone out as soon as possible.
  • Don’t use the lift.
  • Don’t waste time investigating what’s happened or rescuing valuables.
  • If there’s smoke, keep low where the air is clearer. If available, use a dampened cloth as a mask to avoid smoke inhalation.
  • Before you open a door, check if it’s warm. If it is, don’t open it – fire is on the other side.
  • Call 999 as soon as you’re clear of the building. 999 calls are free.

Clothes on fire – STOP, DROP AND ROLL!

  • Don’t run around, you’ll make the flames worse.
  • Lie down and roll around. It makes it harder for the fire to spread.
  • Smother the flames with a heavy material, like a coat or a blanket.

Blocked escape routes

  • If you can’t get out, get everyone into one room, ideally with a window and a phone.
  • Put bedding around the bottom of the door to block out the smoke, then open the window and call “HELP FIRE”.
  • If you’re on the ground or first floor, you may be able to escape through a window.
  • Use bedding to cushion your fall and lower yourself down carefully. Don’t jump.
  • If you can’t open the window, break the glass at the bottom corner. Make jagged edges safe with a towel or a blanket.