Park House Fire Safety Measures

June 2017

Ocean’s Head of Health, Safety and Environment has outlined the fire safety measures in place at Park House flats in St. Austell including resident communications and awareness activities. We are publishing this information for those who have voiced concerns over Fire Safety at Park House and as a point of reference for residents.

Fire Safety Measures

The health and safety of residents is our top priority and we want you to have peace of mind,” says Frances Turner, Managing Director of Ocean Housing.

The Fire Service regularly reviews the fire precautions at Park House and they fully meet the regulations.

The flats are fire rated to 1 hour and have self-closing fire doors fitted with intumescent strips.

All flats have smoke and heat detection fitted to a communal alarm system that has direct dial to a monitoring centre and the fire brigade.

The system is annually serviced and tested weekly, the building also has a caretaker on site during the day.

The building is subject to regular familiarisation inspections by Cornwall Fire and Rescue and is visited regularly by myself and with emergency plans being updated every six months.

Park House flats does not have any external cladding of the type implicated in the Grenfell Tower block. The exterior has received a cement render finish.

CCTV enables Ocean to remotely monitor public spaces.

Resident Resources & Information

All tenants are issued with Home Fire Safety Booklets and regular letters are sent out reminding tenants of the importance of fire safety within the building.

Fire safety signs and notices are prominently displayed around the building.

Ocean also provides further information on fire safety to all tenants on our website including a short video on how to test your smoke alarm.

On Thursday the 15th of June Ralph attended Park House flats for a walk around and compliance check with Mark Brandon, the caretaker.

Fire Safety Awareness Event

Residents were invited to attend a Fire Safety Awareness event on Tuesday 20th June; an open invitation was also extended to the public, press and media in light of the wider public concern.

Representatives of Ocean and Cornwall Fire and Rescue were on site and available to any residents who may have concerns or questions relating to fire safety. Ralph and fire safety staff visited residents in person to discuss their concerns, escape plans and general fire safety awareness levels to ensure residents felt safe in their homes.

Working with Cornwall Fire and Rescue

Ralph spoke to Terry Penrose, local Fire Chief for St Austell, who informed him that in the wake of events in London, an emergency meeting had been held by Cornwall Council. Cornwall Fire and Rescue ascertained that they are happy with the current fire precautions at Park House flats and our most recent fire safety audits raised no issues of concern.

In October 2016, Ocean teamed up with the St Austell fire crew to organise an exercise so they could practice possible fire and rescue situations in and around the building.

A mobility scooter malfunction resulted in a fire in 2014 which was contained by the St Austell Fire crew. Residents were successfully evacuated with 7 reporting minor injuries. Residents were able to return to their properties the following day.