Bees & Wasps

‘Summer time… and living is ea-zy’ ….. except when you are plagued by wasps and bees! We all enjoy spending more time outdoors when the weather allows. If you are struggling with swarms of wasps or bees from a nearby nest or they have nested in or around your property, the best thing to do is contact your nearest Bee Keeper to see if they can help you. The Bee Keepers Association keeps a list of members who are willing to collect swarms of wasps and honey bees.

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Wasp or Bee?

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Honey Bee

Please take a look at the images above and note the difference between a wasp and a bee.

Honey bees play a vital role in nature and they are under threat. Avoid killing bees wherever possible.


Honey bees die when they sting

Bees will not sting unless they are threatened or protecting themselves or their hive. Gently move them away to avoid contact and allow them to carry on their vital work! Plant a bee-friendly area in your garden away from your seating area so the bees are drawn to the flowers rather than your food and drink.


Keeping Wasps away

Fruit, jam, beer and sugary sweet drinks attract wasps. Clear rotting or damaged fruit from around fruit trees and cover over your summer drinks.