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Did you know, it’s thought there are more rats than people on this planet?! But how can you tell the difference between rats and mice?


Generally speaking, they are larger than mice. Brown rats often measure between 12 and 17 inches (32 – 43cm) from nose to tail when fully grown.

They have small, close-set ears, a blunt muzzle and very sharp teeth.

They normally live in groups (colonies).

They tend to come out of hiding more in the evenings or by night, than by day.

They leave droppings and you will probably notice evidence of gnawing.

They are good climbers and reasonable swimmers.


Rats may be discouraged and infestations prevented by improving hygiene to make sites less attractive for them to settle into.

Remove rubbish, garden waste and unused materials, fixtures or equipment that may give rats a safe haven to hide in or entice them to nest in.

Ensure rubbish is adequately protected and stored.

Block holes and access to buildings, garages and sheds.

Control plant growth around buildings.

Block their access to food and don’t leave any food lying around for them to sniff out.

Clear up any spillages immediately and cleanse down the area.

Pest Control

If you think there is a rat infestation in yours or an adjacent building you will need to call a local pest control service yourself.

The Council offers advice on their website and Environmental Protection advice line.

Report pest damage and holes to Ocean.

Icon phone sml 0300 1234 212
Icon online form sml Environmental Protection website
Icon Email sml Send an Email
Icon online form sml Report Pest Damage to your property