September is generally speaking, spider season! Or at least, turning on your heating will provide them with a warm ‘cave’ for them to call home.

Spiders like warmth

With this newly discovered warmth, the male spiders think it’s spring = mating season! Most of the spiders you find hanging around your home will be male spiders looking for a female. If you’ve successfully hoovered up the female along with her silken invitation, the boys are a little bit stirred up to say the least!

Spiders are useful

Relax. There’s no need to panic with all the scare stories in the press and social media. What may look like fangs are in fact male organs!

Far from being terrorisers of humanity, house spiders are by and large quite helpful. It’s natural to have spiders around and they do lots of good by gobbling up other annoying insects. Try to teach children to respect them. Fear of spiders is learned, unlike fear of snakes, which is deep rooted. So give the arachnids a break, big them up to your family and celebrate their presence, if you can!

Play the spider game

Why not hold spider of the week contests in your home throughout this season? Place a clear container over the spider – being most careful not to injure it. Then gently slide a piece of card with a centimetre grid or ruler drawn on it beneath the container, allowing the spider to walk on to it – in its own time. Remember, you are now friends. Next, photograph your spider to take a record of its size then carry it to the door and release it.  It will soon be back, bringing its bigger friends who have heard about this superb game!

Spider trapped in the bath?

Leave a towel over the side of the bath

Top tips for keeping spiders out of your home

Rub lemon peel around door and window frames – they don’t like the smell

Clear rubbish and garden cuttings from around your house – don’t provide them with ideal nesting hideouts.

Remove webs

Avoid using outdoor lighting

Seal cracks in your walls

Use essential oils – they don’t like the strong smell (try peppermint!)

Scatter conkers around the perimeter of your home