At Ocean we know only too well how tough winter months can be for some of our tenants. The cost of heating a home is a big concern for many. But don’t worry, help is at hand. 

When it gets cold, instead of turning the heating down to save money, take a look at these suggestions to save your pennies:

Switch Energy Supplier

If you provide them with two meter readings between specific dates (call to discuss this), they can see if you are paying too much to your current supplier. It is easy to switch energy supplier and they will take you through the process step by step to make sure you get the best deal.

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Direct Debit

Changing from a Meter Key payment to Direct Debit payments is more convenient and can save you money (5-10% cheaper by direct debit compared with a meter key). Talk to our advisors about setting up a Direct Debit, spreading the costs evenly and paying your supplier regularly, direct from your bank account. Cost per unit works out cheaper by Direct Debit.

Heating Systems

Is your current heating system working efficiently? Our Advisors can talk you through how to get the best out of your heating system.

Ocean’s Energy Savings consultants are here to help. Did you know that you can book a consultation with one of our advisors who will visit your home and work out a personal plan to keep you warm this winter? And that’s without breaking the bank.

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to book a consultation to discuss the following options:

Your Property

They will review your property’s Energy Performance Survey to check if you are losing too much heat through the walls, ceilings and windows. Our houses have been updated to meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standards but when winter comes knocking, it’s worth double-checking if there is anything more that can be done.


  • When it gets dark, draw the curtains at dusk to keep the heat in.
  • Close internal doors to keep the heat in the rooms you are in
  • Turn radiators down in unused rooms, keeping a low background heat during cold spells. NB turning radiators off completely in unused rooms will be counter-productive – it causes damp and cold rooms will suck the heat from warm adjacent rooms resulting in the radiators have to work harder anyway – it is better to keep empty rooms temperate all the time.
  • Consider putting on an extra layer of clothing before turning up the heating.

Energy Savings Trust

Visit the Energy Savings Trust website for some energy savings ‘quick wins’.

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Money Saving Expert – Cheap Energy Club

The Money Saving Expert website has some useful tips but you can also join the Cheap Energy Club which monitors the market for cheaper ones and email you when you should switch.

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Stocking up on Fuel

“If you have oil central heating and haven’t already filled up your tank, now is the time to stock up.” That’s the advice from Ocean’s Energy Champion, Jon Hedley. “Oil prices go up in a cold snap so I recommend that you shop around and maybe consider using an oil buying club, such as the one listed below,” adds Jon. The website Boiler Juice monitors prices and lets you know the best time to buy.

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(As with any purchases just check all the details carefully before placing an order.)

How to get help with Fuel Costs

The Money Advice Service has some useful information about how to get help with Fuel Costs. There are Government schemes to help ease the costs such as the Cold Weather Payment and the Winter Fuel Payment.

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Or you could call the Home Heat Helpline for independent advice.

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