Night Storage Heaters

Night storage heaters use off-peak cheaper electricity to heat up bricks held inside overnight which then release the heat during the day.

Most of the heat comes out through the body of the heater and additionally through a vent on top of the heater.

As the heat comes out during the day, the heaters will gradually cool as there is not enough insulation to keep the heat in for longer. Opening the vent will release more heat quicker.

The aim is to get just enough heat in to the heater at night to last through the day, without needing to open windows to cool the room or put on additional heating to warm it.

New Heater

Switch on and turn both dials up to full. This will help get rid of the smell of the new heating elements and bricks. Remember to turn the dials back down again to the regular Settings on the 3rd night.


Input dial (on the right) which heats up the bricks for tomorrow

  • set to 1 or 2 in warm weather
  • set to 3 or 4 in mild weather
  • set to 5 or 6 in cold weather

Output dial (on the left) which opens the vent to release heat for now

  • set to 1 at night or when you are out of the house
  • set between 3 – 6 when you are in the house (depending on season)

At night

As the bricks store the incoming heat, remember to close the vent (turn down the output dial on the left) to avoid releasing to much heat too soon and requiring more electricity, resulting in higher bills.

Day time

If you are out, keep the heat stored for longer and check the vent is closed (turn down the output dial on the left).

When you are in the house during the day, you can turn up the output dial (on the left) to allow the heat to come out. Remember, this will mean that the heat stored in the bricks won’t last as long.

If you find that it has not been warm enough during the day, turn up the ‘input’ dial (on the right) to boost the power input overnight.


The power rating refers to the how much electricity will go in per hour.

Click here to go to a cost calculator.

Online Advice

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