You will need permission from Ocean to set up a business from your Ocean property. Please complete the online form at the bottom of the page. If you don’t tell us about it, you are in breach of your tenancy agreement.

Types of Business

For example, this includes businesses such as:

  • online sales
  • child minding
  • catering
  • pet sitting/grooming
  • consultancy
  • design
  • selling handmade items etc.


Before you start

Things to consider before setting up a business:


You will need the appropriate insurance cover.

Customers and deliveries – visitors and traffic

Will it be a security risk/nuisance to neighbours and parking?

Stock storage

No chemicals/flammable materials on the property and consider off-site storage.


You will need to notify Cornwall Council of your change of circumstances.


Do not to use the property for any illegal or immoral purposes and check if you require a licence from Cornwall Council.


Consider the potential noise disturbance.

Please note:
Permission may be revoked if we receive complaints of nuisance to the neighbouring area, or if your business has any detrimental effect on the property.

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