Home Improvements

Fancy sprucing up your home? Want to do some DIY?

You may alter or make home improvements to your property only once you have Ocean’s permission.

Request Permission

This can now be done online as well as in writing.

Icon online form sml Use our online form below.

Please explain any alterations or additions to the property in your request for permission before work starts. You may need to send in additional plans or dimensions of the improvement.


Please note that alterations that you do to your property will not be maintained by Ocean. You will be liable for repairs.

If you seek permission you may be entitled to compensation for qualifying improvements should you end the tenancy.

Please read our Tenant Alterations Policy before contacting us.

What is a qualifying improvement?

Inside – Installations, alterations, replacement of:

  • plumbing
  • heating
  • lighting
  • walls
  • bath or shower
  • wash-hand basin
  • toilet
  • kitchen sink
  • partition wall
  • storage cupboards in kitchen or bathroom
  • work surfaces for food preparation
  • thermostatic radiator valves
  • insulation of pipes, cold water tank or hot water cylinder
  • loft insulation
  • cavity wall insulation
  • draught proofing to exterior doors or windows
  • double glazing or other window replacement or secondary glazing
  • electrical re-wiring
  • lighting or other electrical fittings, including wired-in smoke detectors
  • security measures, but NOT including burglar alarm systems

Outside – Installations, alterations, replacements of:

  • satellite dish
  • fencing
  • walls
  • decking
  • ponds
  • sheds
  • greenhouses
  • conservatories
  • summerhouses
  • kennels
  • coups

This means that if you spend money improving your home but decide to leave, Ocean may pay you back for the improvement. This is subject to various conditions. Permission may not be granted if you have outstanding arrears/debts or a valid notice has been served (e.g. rent arrears or anti-social behaviour. If you require any further details please contact your Neighbourhood Services Officer).

Please complete the form below to request permission to make improvements in your home.

Home Improvement Application