You will need permission from Ocean before you have a pet in your home.

Icon online form sml Use the application form below.

Ocean may withdraw this permission if you do not take your pet ownership responsibilities seriously.

For example if you allow:

  • excessive fouling in public or neighbouring areas
  • excessive barking and noise
  • animal cruelty or neglect

Responsible Pet ownership

Things to consider when owning a pet:

1. Fencing – you are responsible for containing your pet within a suitable enclosure.

2. Banned dogs – Please check the Banned Dog list and advice on the Government website.

3. Respect your neighbours – Remember to consider your neighbours if you are thinking of getting pets. It’s worth mentioning it to them, beforehand, to avoid offending them. Read our page about Common Disputes to see what tends to cause irritation to neighbours.

4.  Neutering – It is a good idea to consider neutering your pet to help prevent illnesses, additions to the family and some unwanted behaviours. Refer to the RSPCA for neutering information or Cats Protection (see their website for £5 special offer).

Pet Application