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Blocked Drains

If you have a blocked drain check who is responsible first before calling Ocean.

Visit the Cornwall Council website to find out who is responsible for specific sections of the drainage system:

Icon online form sml Blocked Drains & Sewerage: who is responsible?

SW Water have launched a campaign to reduce the amount of blocked drains across their network of sewers. To find out how you can avoid blocking your drains:

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Top Tips

  1. Have a lined bin near all the loos in your home
  2. Have odour and leak-proof bags nearby e.g. nappy bags or sanitary disposal bags
  3. Bin everything other than the 3Ps: PEE, POO, PAPER
  4. Encourage your family, friends and neighbours to Love Your Loo, as we all have a part to play.

Water Leaks

Inside your property and within your property boundary, report leaks to Ocean as soon as you discover them and we will treat it as an Emergency Repair (24hr call out).

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Outside of your property boundary, report leaks to SW Water

Icon online form sml Report a mains leak to SW Water

Water and Sewerage Bills

Ocean’s energy champion, Jon Hedley, is always looking for ways to save you money on your (utility) bills and South West Water is offering reduced tariffs. Read onto find out if you qualify for The ‘WaterSure’ or ‘WaterCare’ tariff.

In most cases, you will pay water and sewerage charges direct to the water company, which in your case, will probably be South West Water. In some instances you will have two bills, one for the water you use and the other for sewerage.

Save Water

For all you need to know about how to save water, why we should and devices to help you save money:

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South West Water – help with metered bills

“If you are on benefits, have a low-income, three or more children or have a medical condition which causes extra water to be used, you may be able to save on your metered water bills. South West Water offer a couple of reduced tariff schemes at the moment – it’s worth checking if you qualify for the reductions.” advises Jon.

WaterSure Tariff Checklist:

      • Your Water is on a meter
      • You receive benefits  or tax credits
      • Either:
        • There are three or more children under 19yrs, or
        • You have a medical condition which causes  extra water to be used.

Icon online form sml Click here for more details.


WaterCare Tariff Checklist:

      • Your Water is on a meter
      • You receive benefits
      • You have a low-income

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