Planned Maintenance

Our schedule of planned maintenance never stands still, providing Decent Homes to keep you warm, safe and comfortable. Looking after the fabric of the buildings is important to us and our homes meet the Decent Homes Standard.

We have an experienced asset management team who are responsible for the management of the Group’s core business assets – our properties which now exceeds 4000 and continues to grow.


The team has worked hard over recent years, along with Property Services, to make sure that every one of our properties meets Government standards. Using sophisticated computer systems, they can keep track of works and surveys that have been done to each home and projected maintenance for many years to come. We hold Energy (EPC) surveys on properties to check energy efficiency and insulation levels. Properties have been successfully and cost-effectively re-roofed, externally insulated, rewired and re-plumbed to modern standards.

Planned Maintenance

The Asset Management team are in charge of drawing up and managing the programme of investment in Ocean’s properties – totalling over £4 million per year. For example, in 2016-17, a budget of £1.75m has been allocated to testing and refurbishment of electrical installations, external decoration and installing new kitchens, bathrooms, heating systems and roofs.
The team looks ahead at the ‘life cycle’ of our properties – which means looking as far as 40 years ahead, at the life cycle of heating systems, roofs, kitchens and bathrooms. Letters are sent out to notify tenants when their property is due for perhaps a replacement kitchen or bathroom suite.

Keeping you informed

Ocean knows that you are keen to find out when you are due an upgrade or replacement. Letters of notification will be sent out by the beginning of each year letting you know your property is in the programme for the year. You will then receive another notification approximately 3 months in advance of the works.
We have developed My Ocean, a login area on this website, so that you can see if there are any notifications listing alterations or upgrades planned for your property. 

Click sign in/sign up at the top of this page to Register for My Ocean.

Routine maintenance

The Health and safety of our tenants is high priority. Throughout the year, Ocean Services carry out routine checks on all our properties:
Gas safety checks as part of an annual service of all landlord’s appliances.
• A test and inspection of all electrical systems and installations on a ten-year cycle.
• Gas and electrical safety checks prior to the letting of all vacant properties.
• The annual servicing of all Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors and smoke detectors.
• Upgrade/Install fire safety equipment in larger blocks of flats.


You will be notified in advance when your property is due a routine safety check. Please give our staff or sub-contractors access to your property to allow them to carry out these annual safety checks as a legal obligation.

All our staff will carry ID. Always ask to see the card and if in doubt do not let them in.

Please contact us immediately on 01726 874450 if you have concerns.

Please note: If the staff are refused or unable to gain access to carry out our safety checks by the required deadline, Ocean is liable for a fine. This in turn will have implications on the annual service charge for your property.