When you Leave

When you are thinking of leaving your Ocean property, you will need to give us a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice, in writing. You can use the online contact form and select Neighbourhood Services from the drop down menu.

Once you have told us you are leaving, a Pre-Void Inspector will call to inspect your home.


If you have carried out, at your own expense, any major improvements such as fitting a shower or a heating installation, provided you had our written permission, we will discuss whether you are able to make a claim for some financial compensation.


On the other hand if we find you have allowed the property to deteriorate to the extent that work needs to be carried out before we can re-let it, you will be asked to put it right. If you don’t, and we have to carry out the work, you will be charged for these repairs.

Clearance Charge

You must not leave any rubbish or unwanted belongings lying around, as if you do and we have to move it, we may recharge an hourly rate to you. This includes sheds, gardens and loft spaces, which must be completely clear.