You Repair

While we take care of the structure of your home, you must repair and maintain your property in reasonable decorative order. As Ocean doesn’t take responsibility for maintaining or repairing the following list of items, it is down to you to look after them.

What you must repair and maintain


  • Replace broken or cracked panes of glass*
  • Replace lost door keys**
  • Maintain timber garden sheds
  • Tidy your garden and clear gullies
  • Keep your rubbish/recycling in bins or a store until it is collected
  • Fences and gates that you have installed
  • Your own TV aerials and telephone installation***
  • Washing lines and posts (except sheltered housing tenants)
  • Any damage, which we think, is caused on purpose or which could have been avoided.

Additional notes:

* Glass – unless glass has been broken as an act of vandalism. If this is the case, please contact the Police to obtain a log number and then report to Ocean.

** Lost Keys – check your contents insurance policy for cover.

*** TV aerial – unless you have a communal aerial supplied as part of your service charge.


  • Maintaining the inside of the property in a reasonable decorative order
  • Your own fires (including chimney sweeping), cookers, fridges, washing machines etc.
  • Adjusting or replacing doors when you fit or remove carpets
  • Anything to do with your own TV aerials and telephone installation
  • Replacing fuses and resetting trip switches in consumer units
  • Replacing plugs, light bulbs, strip light bulbs (including starter motors)
  • Replacing toilet seats, any plugs/chains in your bath/sink/wash basin
  • Maintaining lockable medicine cabinets
  • Any damage which, we think, is caused on purpose or which could have been avoided – NB repairs may incur a recharge.