Lettings Process

The only way to apply for an Ocean Property is to bid for it through Cornwall HomeChoice.

You will need to register with Cornwall HomeChoice first. Click here to register.

Once you have registered, use our ‘Find a Home‘ page to look at our available properties. If you like a property, click the ‘Bid’ or ‘Apply’ button at the bottom, to take you through to the Cornwall HomeChoice application.

Cornwall HomeChoice Bidding opens on a Thursday and closes on a Monday.


This is the lettings process step by step.

Step 1 – Register

You will need to register with Cornwall HomeChoice first. Click here to register and they will be in contact with your ‘banding’ (according to your housing need).

Step 2 – Bid

Once registered, applicants can bid for a property that is advertised on Cornwall HomeChoice (preview Ocean properties in Find a Home to check whether a property meets your needs and local connection).

Step 3 – Shortlist

From a shortlist, one applicant is nominated per property. The nominated applicant is then contacted by Ocean.

Step 4 – Initial Checks

Ocean then runs initial checks:

  • to make sure the applicant is a match for the property
  • to check for any rent arrears or other breach of tenancy
  • to check whether the applicant has been a previous tenant with another social landlord.

Step 5 – Letter of Nomination

If there are no reasons to refuse the nomination at this stage, applicants will receive a letter letting them know that:

  • they have been nominated
  • their application details are being verified (to check they are who they say they are)
  • they have 3 working days to confirm their interest in that property.

NB This is not a formal ‘offer’ letter at this stage.

Step 6 – Verification

As part of the verification process, Ocean will contact applicants  by telephone or sometimes visit in person to confirm interest, suitability and personal details.

Step 7 – Affordability Check

One of the Customer Accounts Team will be in contact to carry out a financial assessment:

  • to check the applicant can afford the rent
  • to agree a rent payment plan
  • to help the applicant complete the Housing Benefits form (if applicable)

Step 8 – Viewing

Tenants will be shown the property to see the condition of it before they sign the tenancy agreement.

Step 9 – Sign Up

Once the applicant accepts the offer, Ocean will invite them to formally sign up for the property. At the sign up, applicants will:

  • be explained important facts in the tenancy agreement
  • sign a tenancy agreement
  • confirm a tenancy start date (Monday following sign-up day)
  • confirm a move date
  • run through the Home User Guide (HUG) and Tenants’ Handbook
  • complete data forms
  • pay for the 1st week’s rent or contribution to the rent.

After that, all rents and service charges due in respect of rented dwellings are payable in advance on a Monday in accordance with the tenancy agreement.

Follow up

New Tenants will receive a visit from their Neighbourhood Services Officer shortly after moving in.