Rent and Charges


All rents and service charges due in respect of rented dwellings are payable in advance on a Monday in accordance with the tenancy agreement.

As a registered Social Landlord, Ocean Housing is committed to building and renting homes that are of good quality…. at a rent that is affordable.

This means that the rents for our properties are kept below the open market rent charged for similar sized private-rented properties in Cornwall.

Our properties are allocated through the Cornwall HomeChoice scheme which gives you more choice and the opportunity to bid for a particular property.

Your Tenancy Agreement explains how your rent is calculated but you can also read our Rent Policy document  on the website. Ocean will only increase your rent once a year.

Service Charges

Ocean maintains Ocean’s communal grounds around your home, including grass cutting, hedge trimming and the upkeep of shrubberies and un-adopted pathways. We are also responsible for cleaning the communal areas in and around our blocks of flats and keeping them in a safe condition. Residents who receive these services pay for them as a weekly service charge. (Ocean’s Service Charge Policy outlines  our commitment to delivering quality services to residents and how we levy charges for these services).

These Service Charges also apply to Leaseholders and Shared Owners. Ocean owns the freehold of approximately 127 leasehold flats, sold under the Preserved Right to Buy or Right to Acquire, as well as approximately 255 Shared Ownership properties. (Ocean’s Leasehold Management policy outlines the different leases we have and the type of services we may charge for).

Repairs Charges

Repairs are needed from time to time in even the best maintained home. We provide residents with a flexible and efficient repair service to make sure your property is solid and safe. However, there are certain repairs that you are responsible for and if Ocean has to carry these out, you may be recharged for the cost. Please take a look at the ‘We Repair’ and the ‘You Repair’ lists before you book a repair to avoid being recharged.

Personal Charges

Ocean Extra can provide a flexible and tailor-made Visiting Service if you have a health problem, disability or age-related needs. The Ocean Extra team can help you manage your day to day paperwork, personal and household matters. This service will appear as a ‘Personal Charge’ on your Account Statement.

Lifeline Charges

Ocean Extra can also provide you with a ‘Lifeline’ service – a home unit or personal hand held trigger unit that raises the alarm, automatically connecting you with a call centre operator over the loudspeaker. There is a small  weekly charge for this service.

For details of the current charges of the visiting and Lifeline services, please click here.

Court Charges

If Ocean has to take you to court because of unpaid rent, anti-social behaviour or any other tenancy breach, you will be liable for the charges relating to the court case. These are applied to your account and will appear in your Account Statement. You are responsible for paying these in addition to any rent and service charges.