Types of Tenancies

Starter Tenancies

To start with, all new Ocean tenants are offered an Starter Tenancy, which normally lasts for a ‘trial period’ of 12 months. If any concerns arise during the 12 months about how you are conducting your tenancy – e.g. if you get into arrears with your rent – the ‘trial period’ may be extended by a further 6 months to allow these concerns to be addressed.  After the ‘trial period’, as long as the terms and conditions of your tenancy have not been broken, you will either automatically move onto an Assured Tenancy or be offered a 5 year Fixed Term tenancy.

Assured Tenancies

We give nearly all our tenants an assured tenancy agreement as long as there have been no problems during the trial period on the ‘Starter Tenancy’. Generally speaking, this means that tenants will have the property for as long as they want it – as long as the terms of the agreement aren’t broken. Ocean will need to apply to the County Court to end your tenancy if you have broken the terms of agreement. Ocean will usually increase your rent once a year.

5 Year Fixed Term Tenancies

A number of our properties are let on a 5 Year Fixed Term Tenancy. Basically, it works in a similar way to an Assured Tenancy but the main difference is they only last for 5 years.

We will contact you near the end of your 5 year fixed period to review your tenancy and check that you still have the right size property for your family. Secondly, we will check that everything is in order, according to the terms of the tenancy.

Following these checks, a decision will be made about whether to offer a new 5 Year Fixed Term Tenancy.

Equitable Tenancies

If you are under 18 years of age, you will be offered an Equitable Starter tenancy. This is similar to a normal Starter tenancy, but is only offered to under-age persons until they reach 18. Anyone on such a tenancy must also have a person who can act as ‘Trustee’ for their tenancy and stand as ‘Guarantor’ for payment of their rent. The member of staff from the Voids & Lettings team will explain these requirements in more detail when you sign up.


Tenants must give us 4 weeks’ notice, in writing, if they want to end a tenancy agreement.

Ocean must give a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice if it intends to end a tenancy agreement. To end an Assured or Fixed-term tenancy, it must also apply to court for possession of the property.

The rental week starts on Monday, so the last day of the notice period must be a Sunday.

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