Your Responsibilities

As an Ocean resident, you have responsibilities.

Paying your rent

One of your main responsibilities is to pay your rent in full and on time.

You can pay your rent:

Problems Paying?

If you are experiencing problems paying your rent, please contact Ocean’s Customer Accounts team immediately so that we can advise and assist you. Read our tips and advice on Debt problems.

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Paying your service charge

You may have to pay a service charge as well as your rent. This usually covers the cost of maintaining communal areas, such as cleaning the shared hallway, electricity for hallway lighting and grass cutting in areas you share with your neighbours.

Council Tax and Utility Bills

You are responsible for paying Council Tax (unless you are exempt) and all Utility bills.


Ocean covers the structure of your home but you are responsible for insuring your furniture and contents.

We have arranged contents insurance at a special affordable rate for residents.

For details request an application pack or call our Customer Services Team on

Icon phone sml  01726 874450

Keeping us informed

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It is important that you keep us informed of any changes in your circumstances at home, such as when someone moves in or out, or if you change your surname.

Looking after your home

Please keep your home in good condition and decorative order and promptly report any repairs that are Ocean’s responsibility. If you have a garden please ensure it is tidy and clear of rubbish.

Being a responsible neighbour

You are responsible for the behaviour of members of your household and any visitors to your home.