Tenancy Fraud

Since October 2013, subletting a social housing tenancy has been a criminal offence. At Ocean, we want to make sure that our homes are occupied by tenants in genuine need.

There are many different types of tenancy fraud, but the most common are:


Subletting without permission. This means the tenant continues to pay rent directly to us but sub-lets the property to someone else.

False Information

Gaining housing by giving false information. For example, claiming to have more people living with them than they actually have.

False Succession

Wrongly claimed succession. Following the death of the tenant, a tenancy can, on occasions, be legally passed to a relative. Fraud happens when someone continues to live in the property when they have no right.


Tenancy Fraud not only carries the risk of losing your home, but you could lose your right to housing in the future. Legal
action could also be taken; courts could recover profits made, and there’s the possibility of a prison sentence.


We’ve been working with Cornwall Council, private investigators and the police to expose residents unlawfully living in our properties. We’ve recently had 3 successful cases and regained possession of properties. We also rely on you, to  anonymously feedback any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.

Talk to us

If you think someone in your area is fraudulently living in an Ocean property, please contact us. Any information you give us will be handled with the strictest of confidence.

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