No Longer Lonely

Being new to the area and to his property, our client was feeling unsure and lonely. Not having family or connections in the county he felt isolated and flat-bound.

Luckily, he was referred to us and signed up for the Ocean Extra, Lifeline and Visiting Services, which meant that he would get a weekly visit from one of our advisors.


The first thing our advisor was able to do was set up his lifeline equipment, reassuring him that he could connect directly to a call centre in case of emergency.

Weekly Visits

From then on, she was then scheduled in to visit him at home, once a week for 45mins.

During the last 8 months, our advisor has been able to help him in many practical and productive ways:

  • Settle him in to his new home, rearranging his belongings to make it more organised and comfortable
  • Make calls, register with utility and household bills and set up Direct Debits
  • Find and join social clubs to build a social net around him

As a result, he has regained his confidence because:

  • His home is comfortable and something he feels proud of.
  • His finances are all in order
  • He has made friends with his neighbours
  • He is involved with the local church
  • He has signed up to an Open Learning computer course in St. Austell
  • He is now independent and gets around on his bike or by train

Ocean Extra are delighted they have been able to help him. They have equiped him with the tools to live independently. If ever he feels a sense of isolation and loneliness, he now knows there are people around him he can turn to.