Cornwall Council Benefits helpline tips

If you are eligible to claim Housing Benefits, the Cornwall Council website advises that the fastest way to claim is by ringing their benefits advice line on 0300 1234 121.  They will then give you an appointment for an advisor to ring you back to complete the claim.

However, when  you call, there are now a lot of automated options to select from.

Here are some ‘hot key’ tips to which option to select.

Icon phone sml 0300 1234 121

and selectarrow-rightoption 3 for Benefits

Customers can return to the main menu at any time by pressing the * key

Hot Keys

Once you have got through to the option 3 Benefits section, these Hot Key options can be used to shortcut directly to the service you need (no need to wait to the end of the recorded message).

Click on these options to scroll down to more detailed options:

arrow-rightOption 1. Make a Payment 

arrow-rightOption 2. Discretionary Awards

arrow-rightOption 3. Benefits

arrow-rightOption 4. Blue Badges

arrow-rightOption 5. Universal Credit and Benefit Cap enquiries


Further Options

arrow-rightOption 3  – Benefits

arrow-right lightOption 1 – If you want to make a new claim for benefit, check whether you’re entitled, or to check progress of an existing claim.

arrow-right lightOption 2 – To report a change in circumstances

arrow-right lightOption 3 – To pay a housing benefit overpayment

arrow-right lightOption 4 – For all other Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Enquiries

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