UC – What do I need to do?

Universal Credit is coming to Cornwall this year so you need to make sure you Act Now to be ready to make the change.

Act now

You will need to:

Set up Hi-£5 rent buffer

Set up a Bank Account

Get online

Manage your budget on a monthly income


Set up a Hi-£5 rent buffer

Paying your rent should be your No 1 priority – Don’t risk losing your home….

When you start claiming Universal Credit, there is a waiting period before you receive your first payment.

Prepare now – protect yourself from falling into rent arrears during this waiting period with the Hi-£5 tenant initiative:

pay £5 a week extra onto your rent account and build up a credit ‘buffer’.

Icon online form sml Download a Direct Debit form

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Contact the Customer Accounts team to arrange your Hi-£5 payments and start building your ‘buffer’ now.

Bank Account

You will need to set up a bank account or credit union prepay card account to receive Universal Credit. We can direct you to a suitable account and guide you through how they work.

Get Online

You will need to manage your claim online, do you know how to get online? Tell us if you or someone you know needs help getting online.

Try ‘Learn My Way’ which takes you through some computer basics step by step.

Manage your budget on a monthly income

You will be expected to manage your account, paying your rent and bills from one monthly payment. You may need to make changes to the way you manage your money.

If you are not used to budgeting on a monthly basis, we can help you plan ahead.


If you would like help with opening a bank account or budgeting contact our friendly Welfare Advice Advisors.

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