On the ‘Rise’

It was smiles all round for two lucky families who have just moved into Ocean’s new development at Scredda in St Austell.

Ocean Rise

Ocean Rise comprises of twelve properties, eight for rent and four shared ownership. Gemma Coupe, Neighbourhood Services Officer said it is great to sign up families who have been allocated a brand new property.

Ocean Rise is a small development and has great views over St Austell. The properties are a really good size and the outside area is very spacious.

Scredda Rowe Family

With families in mind

Mr & Mrs Rowe were delighted with their move to Ocean Rise from privately rented accommodation. Baby Zack arrived just before the big move and the family are delighted to be in a much larger property with a safe garden for their two older children Nathan and Katlyn. Mrs Rowe said

‘It couldn’t have happened at a better time, new baby, new house, I’m chuffed!’.

Mr & Mrs Redmond who have transferred from Bugle were delighted to be offered a three bedroom home which means they are nearer family. Mr Redmond said

‘The house is a lot bigger for our family’s needs. Both sons, Luke and Sean, love their bedrooms. The development is very peaceful and we have lovely views over St Austell.’

Scredda Redmond Family

New Development Focus Groups

Beverley Bassett from the Resident Involvement Team said

We are always keen to meet new residents and their families who have been allocated properties with Ocean’.

‘In a few months time we will hold a New Development Focus Group and all residents are invited to come along.’

It is an opportunity for us to find out what they like about the property and surrounding areas and what areas they think Ocean can improve or make better. It also gives residents the opportunity to meet their neighbours and find out how they can get involved at Ocean.

Tenant Monitors

Mr Redmond has kindly volunteered to be one of our grounds maintenance Tenant Monitors. On a monthly basis he will complete a survey form and let Ocean know if he is happy with the grounds maintenance in the estate. A great way for our residents to get involved and have their say.