Does your Community Care?

Jan Faulkner, Chair of the Tenant and Resident Panel, asks the question ‘Does your Community Care?’. Here is the full article she wrote for our Spring edition of StreetTalk.

‘Every day throughout our lives as we grow and develop, we are surrounded by others in our community.  These people help to influence the way we think and our views on the rest of the world. You could say that it is a group of people, of all ages, living together in a given area. Working and playing, crying and laughing alongside each other, all aware of each other on some level, in some way. We all remember neighbours, friends from way back, and as we change and move with the years, the community we share changes. The reasons for change can vary from the impact of politics to a simple change of neighbour, but we always need one, we cannot live without them……alone.

Noticing people in need

While life is going well for us we don’t pay much attention to those around us, and we fail to see people in need. Politics have taken away most of the support that they had, and we are so busy trying to improve life for ourselves that we fail again to notice. “If nobody cares for us why should we bother with anyone else, we know better than them anyhow.” Life remains miserable for those still struggling, a new mother can be just as lonely as the elderly person down the street, when changes happen it is not always for the best. Where can we turn when family live so far away? We all need help at one time or another with form filling, shopping, travel etc.

Ocean cares

Ocean Housing provides us with a service to help us budget for our rent, complete repairs within our home, and inform us about what how our community works, from which we may benefit. Ocean Extra helps in many different ways including filling in those tiresome forms, and for the things they can’t help with, they will signpost/support us to those who can.

A Smile instead of a Growl

What an improvement we could make in our own lives as well as our community, if we only cared a little more, took a bit more pride in our surroundings, walked around with a smile instead of a growl. We would have to trust each other just a little bit more and slowly things might start to get better.   I have often been asked how I am, and I tend to give the response that is expected of me, not what I feel, and I am sure that everyone who reads this will have done. If we each took ten minutes out of our week to support or help others within our community our world would be a better place, and we would be the happier for it.

In the spring let’s look forward and take notice of those around us, just maybe we can make a difference.’

Jan Faulkner
Chair of the Tenant and Resident Panel
April 2015