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Maria is feeling ready for Universal Credit – are you?

There are a number of ways you can prepare for Universal Credit. Being prepared now will make the change easier, and our Welfare Advisors are here to help.

One of our residents, Maria, has already started planning for Universal Credit.

Looking at her circumstances, she is aware her benefits will change in September 2018 when her son starts school.

Rent First
She is topping up her rent account with £2 a week using her Allpay card to ensure her home will be protected.

Food Economy
She has started using the savings cards at Asda and Iceland and is putting £1 on these when she does her weekly shops. This will soon add up over time and ensure she has food
for her family.

Savings Jar
Any spare coins at the end of the week she puts into a jar, whether it is 1p, 2p or an occasional £5 note, this is to top up the key meters.

FREE Entertainment
Her library card is up to date so she can get books and films to entertain children as its FREE!

Switching Supplier
Looked at existing bills, reduced what she could and pays extra when she can. Every little helps!

Loyalty Cards
Uses Loyalty cards – you can get money off or free goods anywhere for doing your normal shopping.

Maria has been taking these steps over several months now and does not feel that she or her family have missed out. She knows that every little will help her family and would encourage people to do the same.

“I feel much more prepared for the changeover next year and I am not as worried” says Maria.

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