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Medal of Honour for Christmas call out crew member

Like many companies, Ocean Housing rewards its staff with a good break over the Christmas period. However, its customers’ needs never take a break, even on Christmas Day. So, each year, Ocean has a fantastic crew on duty throughout the festive period, devoted to delivering the emergency responsive repairs service our customers deserve.


While most people were putting their feet up and tucking in to mince pies, Ocean dealt with 115 emergency repairs between 21st December and 2nd January. The team’s response was exemplary: from the operator taking the call, to the supervisor assessing the needs and the trade staff responding to the emergency, the whole crew pulled out all the stops with great efficiency.  100% of the emergency call-outs were actioned by Ocean within 24 hrs.

Customer Experience Manager, Stu Kaley, explained further:

“Private customers of energy companies will often see only 95% of emergencies actioned on the same day, despite their vast cash reserves. Other private firms opt to pay a small sum of compensation if not attending emergency repairs the same day, which still leaves customers unable to enjoy their homes until such point their energy supplier will allocate resource to fixing the problem. Here at Ocean, we invest in having an emergency repairs service that is centred on assisting customers swiftly and sensitively.”

Medal of Honour

Long-standing Ocean employee, Nick Reeks, was the supervisor on duty on the 27th December and took the most calls in a single day over the holidays, totting up a grand total of 31 emergencies. From dawn till well past dusk, Nick left no stone unturned to take care of Ocean’s customers and process any ensuing jobs, earning himself a medal of honour from his colleagues!

So next time you switch off for a Christmas, Easter or Bank Holiday break, spare a thought for those on duty, stepping up to the mark when the need arises. We salute you!

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