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Ocean’s 15th Birthday

15th Birthday Cake sml_2It was February 7th 2000 that Ocean came into being following the transfer of the then Restormel Borough Councils 3,000 homes to the new Ocean Company.

Since this time the Company has invested millions of pounds into the housing stock, improving the health and wellbeing of Cornish residents.

Ocean’s Group Chief Executive, David Renwick commented,

Very few of the homes back in 2000 had central heating, double glazed windows and very few were insulated, we even had homes with outside WC’s.  The Group now has a stock of 4,600 homes and is one of Cornwall’s largest businesses providing new homes for local people, through its construction company Gilbert & Goode.

Happy 15th BirthdayAt a celebration birthday event held for Ocean’s Tenants Panel, a 15th birthday cake was cut to celebrate the achievements so far, and to thank panel members for their hard work over the years.  Group Chief Executive David Renwick announced a new investment plan of £105M to be spent on further improving existing homes and constructing 500 new homes for local families.  Mr Renwick commented

This new investment represents a new five year programme that will improve the lives of hundreds of local people; it will also support the creation of new jobs, apprenticeships, training opportunities and the economy of Cornwall.”

Chair of the Tenants Panel, Jan Faulkner said

We are all delighted at this announcement; it is a continuation of investment from Ocean in local communities across Cornwall and is most welcome.


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